Our Story

At Darknote, we understand what you feel when you have a good cup of coffee because enjoying a balanced, aromatic, and freshly-roasted coffee it’s like finding the love of your life! There’s nothing better than indulging yourself with the perfect note at any time and in your favorite place. With that note that perfectly utters who you are and what you feel without words.

Delight yourself with our single-origin unblended high-quality coffee and its different notes, flavors, and aromas, perfect for demanding-palate open-minded coffee lovers. We are a brand that will fulfill your expectations and where you’ll be fascinated by an endless experience.

Motivated by sharing our experience with the world, we chose a name that is differentiated from the native and regional standard labels to represent the fascination for coffee internationally. At Darknote, we have the opportunity to interpret and identify notes that define the unique profile of this exquisite and renowned beverage.

A cup of coffee will be your best company on every journey

From home to work, from work to meet your friends. A perfect day begins with the perfect notes of a morning coffee. Can you smell the aroma already?

Are you one of us? If so, we’re sure that you can smell the aroma already! We know that a new day begins and you’ll nail it with just one condition: a cup of coffee. In the morning and the afternoon sip on your favorite note with our single-origin coffee. Take this wonderful drink with you everywhere!


At Darknote we keep dreaming

Can you imagine a coffee cellar? Savoring an exquisite note of coffee is not only tasting it, but it is also an experience for all your senses. Reach us out! You will have news about our dream very soon.